Faculty–the June 29-30 Upgrades in Blackboard


In late June, the university will update its learning management system  to Blackboard 9, Service Pack 11 (SP11) . This upgrade will contain all the old features you have been using for years, and will add some new features. It also offers a new  navigation center with instant access to all your courses, posts, and other notifications from a single location.

Here is the best short video about the new features in Service Packs 10 and 11 which we have seen…http://tinyurl.com/bwup8h4

By the way,  as you use Google  to learn more about features in Blackboard, Service Pack 10 is what you will see most frequently. Service Pack 10 brought many new features, especially on the student side. Service Pack 11 introduced bug fixes for 10.

If you would prefer a list of new features to print out, see http://www.mbc.edu/oit/whats-new-in-blackboard-sp11/

The new features which may save you time include:

Faster navigation. Just as your students have a new central navigation area, faculty also have this feature. See your name at the top right in Blackboard. Click on the icon immediately to the left of your name or the arrow to the right of your name. Avoid the icon to the far right which will log you out of Blackboard.

Improved Calendar. The new calendar feels more like a modern Google calendar than what had been available in the past. Your students may enjoy seeing a monthly view of assignments especially if you add the Calendar as a top level folder.

You can now record a comment or short explanation within Blackboard but this feature has not been dependable in our test so we recommend that you stay with Panopto for recording.



Students–Enjoy Better Navigation and Faster Posts in Blackboard

Students, Faster Navigating in Upgraded Blackboard

For the first time, you will be able to see all your work in Blackboard in one place. Now you will have a centralized location to see all your courses and all your pending assignments.

And now all the blogs and discussions are right in front of you and you can reply to a blog or discussion thread without entering a course.

To See All your courses. Click on your name at the top right in Blackboard to see all of your courses. Or click on the icon immediately to the left of your name or the arrow to the right of your name to see all of your courses. Avoid the icon to the far right which will log you out of Blackboard.

Faster Posts. To post your reply to a thread or blog, click on the lined page icon.

All Updates. To see changes in any of your courses click on the

We recommend that you spend a few minutes with this video so that you can spend your time in Blackboard as efficiently as possible…http://tinyurl.com/c4dy85k