Minutes May 5, 2014 (Draft)

In attendance: Chris Simpson, Monica Jackson, Alayna Mundt, Brian Yates, Terry Fernandez, Alan Isaac, Nancy Davenport, Michael Jee, Erran Carmel, Sonja Walti, Craig Hyden (via Skype)

Minutes and CIS constitution for SY2014/15

Approval of March meeting minutes

Approval of April meeting minutes with the following clarification: we had decided not to hold a June meeting

Discussion of how to handle the next cycle’s CIS constitution: Not all CIS representatives for SY 2014/15 have been elected/appointed yet. Awaiting those decisions, it is decided that Chris Simpson will act as the “convener” for CIS until then.

Final CIS Report to the Senate

Chris Simpson, who represents CIS on the Senate, has been asked to report about this cycle’s CIS activities at the Senate meeting of May 7. It is decided to establish a list of items to be reported upon (see draft by Craig under Documents), share those with the Senate, and then finalize the CIS Report to be submitted to the CIS for approval. Items to be included:

Adopted list of items to report on Committee operation and liaison activities:

  • Reference to establishment and use of CIS WordPress site, occasional use of online meeting opportunities using Skype
  • Liaison activities with ATSC, Faculty Senate, CTRL, OIT, OLAC, Library (and its Web Steering Committee)

Adopted list of items to report on CIS topic contributions:

  • CIS request to the Senate (resulting in Senate resolution) to make student photos available to instructors (e.g. via Blackboard, Registrar). TF reports targeting implementation for Fall 2015. Decision: CIS will draft an inquiry with the Senate, requesting that target date to be set for Spring 2015.
  • CIS initiative regarding accessibility of AU website
  • CIS input to ATSC on social media policy
  • CIS input on Adobe licenses for e-portfolios: ND reports that test are being conducted, evaluation not yet available.
  • BYOD: ATSC has taken input up and is testing in the classroom
  • CIS input on and participation in LMS decision

Suggested items for next year’s agenda

A discussion of items CIS should consider taking up next year, yielded the following suggestions:

  • Online learning and related topics:
  • Intellectual property, fair use, scope/modalities of faculty liability regarding copyright infringement
  • Library digital interface
  • CIS participation and suggestions to the planning group for the University Retreat

Minutes 2014-04-07 (approved)

Present: Chris Simpson (SOC), Sonja Walti (SPA), Craig Hyden (SIS), Alan Isaac (CAS), Erran Carmel (KSB), Brian Yates (CAS/Psych), Michael Jee (GLC), Nancy Davenport (Library), Terry Fernandez (OIT), Alayne Mundt (Library)

Note taker: Alan

Chris reviewed today’s agenda. We skipped approval of the February minutes until next meeting.

Brian attended the LMS presentation. Asked how the LMSs handle extra credit.  Got no answers.  Rather liked Canvas.  Canvas offers pilot sites.

UMD migrated from Blackboard to Canvas last year.  Nancy said it went quite well.

Chris says the Collaborate appears to drop to the lowest speed connected device, although this seems unlikely.  In any case, meeting with audio and video on Collaborate is almost impossible.

Brian emphasized the importance of be able to choose and switch among plug-ins. In particular, being locked into Collaborate has been a problem, and people are just leaving the Blackboard environment to use e.g. Skype.

General discussion of needed LMS features emphasized:

  • operating system agnostic
  • browser agnostic
  • device agnostic
  • possibility of e-reserve integration
  • support (by plugin) for high quality video conferencing

Sonja discussed ATSC being tasked with a Social Media Guide for the extended classroom.  ATSC drafted guidelines (but not a policy), Teaching and Learning with Social Media: Guidelines for Use in the Classroom.  Chris suggested that CIS should have been involved in reviewing this draft.  Alan suggested this task really belonged to CIS, even though it was an administrative initiative.

Chris discussed whether time conflict of interest raises issues relevant to CIS. Overall sense of the committee was that although the topic was important, it was not in CIS’s purview.

Chris asked about progress on accessibility in the Library.

Nancy addressed accessibility. Physical accessibility: two doors have not been accessible; those are being changes this summer.  Technological accessibility: along with Office of Campus Life, Library acquired an accessible scanner. Accessibility software: Library is working to acquire Dragon (unresolved: number of licenses).

Chris asked about accessibility issues with Library-hosted data bases (e.g., International Financial Statistics).  Nancy will look into this.

Chris raised again the issue of color-contrast choices on AU websites.  They still don’t pass basic tests.

Craig reviewed beginning of year goals: software licensing, LMS issues, and accessibility.  Student pictures on rosters proposal was a big win: OIT plans to implement this this year.  CIS also provided guidelines for what we would like to see in e-portfolios.  Craig will put an initial draft of year’s outcomes on WordPress.  Committee is urged to edit and add to this list.

Brian asked for a clarification of the MOOC ban at a future meeting.

Our next meeting is May 5.  Possible (?) meeting June 2.

Minutes December 2 2013 Meeting (approved)

Present: Chris Simpson (SOC), Alan Isaac (CAS), Brian Yates (CAS/Psych), Laura March (CTRL), Michael Jee (GLC), Nancy Davenport (Library), Sonja Walti (SPA), Craig Hyden (SIS), Monica Jackson (CAS), John Smith (WCL), Erran Carmel (KSB), Clement Ho (Library)

November minutes (Sonja)

CIS WordPress Website
Discuss what to ‘publish’ from previous site on our new WordPress site (Craig)
CIS members have no objections to just move former Listserve content to this new Wodpress site

Reports from ATSC (Craig)
ATSC meeting on e-portfolios (examples: repertoire of music students, creative writing). What should e-portfolios serve? Admin, teaching, or service-based learning? Do we need a uniform tool? Do we need a new position? Current intent is to benchmark to later reach a decision. ATSC considerations: Google’s application? (see “Digication”) Other experiments at AU. Moving forward with pedagogical and legal obligation in mind.

CIS discussion: Avoid too centralized a tool. Should be pushed into an existing position (e.g. Career Center, CTRL). Be mindful that contents of e-portfolio is students’ intellectual property. Be mindful of Google’s declared objective to data-mine the information it manages. Has to mesh with AU’s archival system. CIS to put in a vote for WordPress as an e-portfolio (using it is: Harvard, Standford, Georgetown, George Mason).
CIS Decision: Point ATSC to our discussion, considerations, and recommendation.

Report from Faculty Senate (Chris)
Rewriting of committee-faculty relations in faulty manual could be relevant to CIS.

Topic updates: library update (Nancy)
Regarding non-student facing activity to be moved off the Quad, specifically to the law school, when it moves out. This move is motivated by the following question: How can this building best service the needs of students and faculty?
The following services were identified as candidates for a move:
1)    Technical services (buys, processes, makes books available in collection). Needs: space, loading docks, elevators.
2)    Archives and special collections: few use it and those who do, will be able to
3)    Who else is moving there? Should something from the library be moved if so? (e.g. potential of SETH moving there)  library developed relevant ‘if statements’
CIS questions: Do these moves meet the underlying needs of library and affected faculty? Implications for morale? Does it affect library functioning, sense of community? Will video collection move?
Answers: Clear benefit is that more of the library on the Quad with be available to students and staff. Special collections access will be built into that model. Library is very intentional about the model and had examined models in other places. No, video collection will not be moved.

Resolution proposal
Chris proposes for CIS to adopt a resolution called “CIS Resolution on Adoption of Fair information Use Principles”; draft statement is presented to CIS in writing
Motivation: The proposal aims to be the equivalent to a privacy statement of an agency.
CIS discussion: More discussion is needed to cover it all and competently. Examples: What about emails from faculty to program directors regarding a student’s performance? What about library records of a student? Such a privacy statement could make communication about students more difficult. Students aren’t consumers. We should be more deliberate about trying to identify the harms this statement is to address.
CIS Decision: Keep the paperwork on this resolution and return to it during the Spring.

Past business: 2012-13 ATSC final report on BYOD
Monica reports back on how CIS concerns about BYOD statement were finalized in the 2012-13 ATCS report, transmitted from then chair Mary Hanson to Scott Bass on May 2, 2013 (p. 4)
Findings: CIS concerns regarding BYOD were taken into account; CIS will monitor this agenda item and check on compliance with our recommendations

Minutes November 4 2013 Meeting (approved)

By Sonja Walti

In attendance: Simpson, Yates, March, Jee, Fernandez, Jackson, Carmel, Walti, Isaac, Ho

WordPress: Laura March shows how to use our WordPress site, esp. minutes,

  • Add “/wp-admin” to get to the backend
  • Enter the backend by picking a username and a password (adjusts along with AU password)
  • Contact the chairs for the password to access the password protected “documents”

Photo use for Blackboard: up in the Senate (this Wed, 2 pm, Butler Board Room, open)

  • WLC to refer to
  • Univ. of Missouri, St. Louis
  • London School of Economics
  • Terry: OIT very supportive, remaining question whether to do this piecemeal, along with other photo requests or whether to roll it into a broader effort of managing photos; what source of authority to use; student life has access to ID photos, Dean’s office will benefit too; will probably be implemented this academic year already.

Access to AU website

  • Laura reporting, doesn’t know of a particular group
  • Some current diagnostic tools one can use: wave.webaim.org (type our web address in and examine assessment); also allows you to download something into a toolbar that will help spot issues “along the way” (e.g. while updating Blackboard pages for example)
  • Erran: Re compliance, how “deep” do we need to go? Laura: Would include faculty producing webpages. Terry: Not every flag would indicate we’re out of compliance. Clement: Most of the big vendors are assumed to be compliant.
  • Chris at one point contacted Terry Flannery (who leads a committee monitoring, updating)
  • We could forward the diagnostic to get some simple fixes made
  • We could double-check that “accessibility” is included in the service contract re the new website
  • Chris: Write a letter to Terry Flannery on behalf of CIS. Agreed. Chris will start (Brian, Ann, Laura, Student will take a second look) and aim to draft a letter some time before the next meeting.

Clement Ho: reporting on library activity, esp. with regard to open questions with online teaching

  • Clement: effort to standardize distance education
  • Alan: goal is “standard compliance” of platforms, not “standardization of platforms”, which equates to “lock-in”

ATSC, this Friday 2pm, somewhere in the Library: on E-Portfolios

  • Who’ll be there this week: Monica for sure, also Erran, Clement, Chris
  • Alan: our BYOD suggestions need checking on; Monica: it went forward but in different wording (trouble with VPN access for widely used scientific platform) – Monica will look for final wording

Other units

  • SOC: effort to include Turnitin into Blackboard (existing policy: faculty can but are not obliged to use it)
  • OIT: big initiative: end of support for Windows XP (end of spring 2014, possibly extended until August), still 1500 XP machines still in circulation, many of which can be retired (not active on the network); schools are urged to make replacement of XP machines a top priority (will bring up a message); XP will be denied a login
  • Phishing: fix on our webpage to avoid phishing and divert users to replica website (direct fund deposits were diverted in such an attack)


  • December 13 ATSC meeting: dedicated to LMS
  • Next semester’s ATCS topics (Monica will forward those to Sonja)
  • Sonja will compile topics & dates we had decided on at the last meeting

Minutes October 7 2013 Meeting (approved)

By Erran Carmel

In attendance: Yates, Fernandez, Smith, Carmel, Walti, Davenport, Simpson Hayden, March, Lee

  • New student rep joined
  • Hayden will set up WordPress for committee
  • ATSC report  on VCL, Andresen usage.
  • Chris reported he will try to have CIS report to senate rather than budget comm
  • Carmel will write draft proposal on photos onto Bb
  • Accessibility. Some debate on whether AU is in compliance. To be discussed more. Committee will reach out to others including Cogburn.
  • Davenport gave us slide show on library move.
  • LMS – will be covered in December meeting

Minutes: September 9, 2013 (approved)

Recorded by:  by Nancy Davenport

The majority of the meeting was devoted to determining the topics the committee would explore over the academic year.  The following list of issues were chosen by the assembly using the guidelines of : Can it be done in one year?  Will it be influential politically? Will it have impact on the campus?

Software licensing –  can the committee recommend a strategy that would better ensure all products on campus are the same version, that purchases are bundled for best prices,   are available to faculty and students free of charge, and are virtualized when possible.

LMS –  the evaluation would look at support for the virtual classroom, at  positive benefits for teaching and learning, would meet accessibility standards, would support MOOCs as well as other online teaching.

Accessibility — are all the information services, including any website, accessible to all students and faculty?   Are all the facilities one might have to use to access the technology accessible?

Other topics that were raised for consideration but not moved to the action list include:   platform dependence ( Microsoft products) mobile pedagogy,  Airplay, classroom technology, word press, the library move in 2015 – 2016, privacy, and the AU website.