The AU Library is planning a new Research Commons, to connect student and faculty researchers with services including research support, writing support, presentation support, and the technologies that enable advanced scholarly work.


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Vision Statement
Projected Timeline
Renovate and create an inspiring and light-infused environment. Connect students, researchers, and faculty with the services and materials they need for complex, scholarly, and even ground-breaking projects. Provide innovative and evolutionary learning spaces. Uphold American University values through green and sustainable design.

We are establishing partnerships with campus services seeking to create a service point in a central, high-visibility location in the main study space on campus. The library offers extensive hours of operation and accessibility for students. Potential results of this co-location would be to eliminate barriers for students seeking help, increased intra-service collaboration and innovation, and the ability for these partners to provide input into the design of the space.

The design process will take place over the course of 2013-14.