Quick limit for the library catalog now available

June 6th, 2011by Admin

When using SearchBox, you can now select the “Items in the library catalog” box from the main search results screen to quickly limit the results to items from the catalog.

Limit items to library catalog

Update: Georgetown records in SearchBox

May 25th, 2011by Admin

Georgetown items returned in SearchBox results can now be requested via CLS by clicking on the title link and should no longer result in the “GT Title UNAVAILABLE” message in the CLS Request Form that was previously displaying.  If you encounter any difficulties in requesting library items via SearchBox, please report your problem using our online form.

HathiTrust titles coming to SearchBox in Summer 2011

April 18th, 2011by Admin

In Summer 2011, SearchBox will add the ability to search the full-text of the HathiTrust digital repository.  Of the total collection, over 2.25 million books and serials are in the public domain and will be immediately available to users from the SearchBox results.

Limiting results to a specific library

March 17th, 2011by Admin

The Library Location facet on the left-hand side of the SearchBox results screen allows you to limit search results to items in specific WRLC libraries.  You can select a single library by clicking the box next to the institution of your choice, or, by clicking the “more options” link at the bottom of the facet, you can select multiple institutions at once.   Georgetown University is not currently an available limit due to a technical problem, but, we hope to have that resolved shortly.

Library Location facet

New language options now available

February 16th, 2011by Admin

The SearchBox interface can now be localized to one of 14 language options.  By selecting a different language from the drop down box in the upper right portion of the SearchBox window, you can change all of the default text to one of the available languages.  Please note, these language options are only for the standard features of the search results page and not for the content of the search results themselves.

SearchBox language options

Georgetown and George Mason records in SearchBox

February 3rd, 2011by Admin

Georgetown and George Mason catalog records were added to SearchBox late in 2010.  As a product of pulling in live item availability information from the original Georgetown and George Mason catalogs, the title is linked to the Consortium Loan Service (CLS) request form for each record.  To date, George Mason records are linking properly, but, a problem with Georgetown records is preventing the completion of CLS requests via SearchBox.  We have been working with the Washington Research Library Consortium to fix this problem and anticipate that a solution will be in place shortly.  In the meantime, should you need to request a Georgetown item from the search results in SearchBox or if you see this message in the CLS request form, please perform a title search in the classic ALADIN catalog and initiate your CLS request there.

Consortium Loan Service error for Georgetown book request.