Additional Resources

Other Repositories with Peace Corps Collections

American University Library Archives of the Friends of Colombia, the Friends of Nigeria, and the NPCA Archives.
The Archives of the Friends of Columbia and the Friends of Nigeria contain materials related to individual Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.  The NPCA archives includes institutional material related to the Peace Corps.

Bentley Historical Library, University of MichiganPeace Corps Collections
The Bentley Library has multiple collections relating to the Peace Corps.

Colorado State UniversityPeace Corps Collection, 1959-1994
The collection contains materials from the period during and following the Peace Corps’ founding, from the 25th Anniversary National Seminar on Future Directions for the Peace Corps, and material on the activities of the Center for Research and Education (CRE).

Radcliffe Institute, Schlesinger Library, Harvard University- Collection on Women Peace Corps Volunteers in Afghanistan’s Smallpox Eradication Program, 1968-1971
The collection includes training documents, photographs, slides and letters home from several female Peace Corps volunteers who served as part of the World Health Organization’s smallpox vaccination program.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum
The Kennedy Library contains 17 collections related to the Peace Corps during the Kennedy era.  Two major collections are the U.S. Peace Corps Records and the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Collection.

Live Lingua - Peace Corps Language Course Archive
The Peace Corps Language Course Archive is a collection of language learning materials issued by the Peace Corps to Volunteers.  This collection contains digital books and audio learning materials for nearly 100 languages, and is open for free use. 

National Archives and Records AdministrationRecords of the Peace Corps, 1961-2000 (Record Group 490)
This large collection of Peace Corps materials spans nearly 40 years and contains multiple formats, including varying types of media.

Peace CorpsPeace Corps Digital Library
This digital library maintains some historical documents and a collection of current stories from serving Volunteers and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Smithsonian InstitutionPapers of Peace Corps Volunteers, 1920-1984
Collection of papers from Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in the National Anthropological Archive, including the collection’s online finding aid

University of Kentucky Peace Corps Oral History Project
This collection of oral histories were conducted with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from Kentucky.  The interviews cover their experiences before, during, and after Peace Corps including their motivations for joining, the application process, training, living situations, difficulties, the job, relationships, coming home, and their impact on the host country and on their own lives.

University of New Mexico Center for Southwest Research - Peace Corps Collection, 1950-1967
This collection of materials relates to the Peace Corps Latin American Training Center 1950-1967.


Peace Corps Related Websites

Bring the World Home
Bring the World Home was a weekly program on Community Access TV on Oahu, Hawaii featuring interviews with former Peace Corps volunteers that ran from 2002 through 2010.

Museum of the Peace Corps Experience
The Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience (CMPCE) is an associate group of the National Peace Corps Association that advocates for the creation of a museum dedicated to the Peace Corps.  It currently curates temporary traveling exhibits on Peace Corps experiences.

National Peace Corps Association
The National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for and creating a community with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.  NPCA offers travel, education, and other resources for RPCVs.

Peace Corps Family Album
Ernie Zaremba and his wife, Helene, are collecting RPCV stories through either direct interview or through online video chats. As of Summer 2012, they had interviewed over 1300 RPCVs.

Peace Corps: Public Records Blog
This blog, kept by Joanne Roll, shares information on Peace Corps materials that are kept as public records.

Peace Corps Online
This independent website acts as a news forum for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

First Response Action
This independent website is dedicated to raising awareness about Peace Corps Volunteers suffering from criminal activity while serving.  Their mission is to lobby for better protection for Peace Corps Volunteers, as well as policy changes and more effective response between the program and individual Peace Corps Volunteers.