A room full of framed movie posters

Best Movie Posters

Movie Posters: Promotional tools that aim to capture the aesthetic, plot, and tone of the movie they are advertising. You might think that a movie poster just has to look cool and appealing; however, there is so much more to it. A picture can tell a thousand words. Cars (2006) Cars is a classic. For […]

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Guess the Theme: A commonality connects these films... can you figure it out?

Guess the Theme – March Results, April Movies

Congratulations to the Jordan Delgado, CAS/BA ’25, for winning the March Guess the Theme contest! Their correct guess entered them into a random drawing for a free drink token from the Davenport Coffee Lounge. Were you also able to figure out the theme? As a reminder, the movies were: 21 Jump Street, Bridesmaids, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, A Quiet […]

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A group of female movie characters dressed in pink in front of a pink background

Five Films Featuring…Plenty of Pink!

We’re bringing back a Media Services blog staple: “Five Films Featuring…” And with cherry blossoms still on the mind, let’s keep enjoying these springtime vibes with a few films dedicated the color pink! Here are just a few that are available at the library but we could easily come up with a whole collection’s worth. […]

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You can shoot amazing video with your smartphone

We’re always saying you don’t need the most complicated equipment to create great videos. Case in point, Apple hired Japanese director Takashi Miike to create a short film, using the new iPhone 15. Of course since it’s Miike, there’s a talking hand puppet that shoots to kill. Check out the results on Youtube. Your mileage […]

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DCEFF event dates March 21st to 30th, 2024. White and yellow text on tropical leaf picture background

Upcoming DC Environmental Film Festival!

As we come into spring, it’s delightful to see the growing green and budding blossoms that begin to reappear throughout the DC area. If nature intrigues you or you just want to spend a little more time out of the house while the weather gets warm, look no further than DCEFF’s 32nd annual environmental film […]

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Brown, reclined movie theater seats are set with luxurious plates of scrumptious food and drink

Introducing the Food Films Media Collection!

If you’re interested in finding a new favorite, mouthwatering film, then you’ve come to the right place! One of the many offerings AU Library Media Services has to provide is our extensive group of curated media collections. From recent acquisitions to African American cinema to war films, our collections showcase a wide scope of interesting […]

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SXSW 2024 - March 8-16 - Austin, TX

SXSW: New Premieres and Old Favorites

The 2024 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival kicks off today in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1987, this annual March event combines music and comedy showcases, film and television screenings, tech competitions, awards ceremonies, and more. While it’s more than just a film festival, the movie screenings often take center stage. Some of the most popular […]

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