Classic Movies Not on DVD

We’ve created a big wiki of classic, cult, guilty pleasure, and otherwise favorite films (700+ titles) that have yet to make it to DVD in the US. Take a look and feel welcome to add titles that we’ve missed.

Among the titles on this list, here’s a sampling of what we have on VHS and are recommended viewing:

African Queen VHS 112
Alsino and the Condor VHS 6216
Antonio das Mortes VHS 568
The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez VHS 375
Blue Dahlia VHS 3075
A Brief History of Time VHS 4999
Brighton Rock VHS 6798
Celine and Julie Go Boating VHS 4482
Cul-de-sac VHS 3004
David Holzman’s Diary VHS 3584
The Glass Key VHS 4555
Homicide VHS 5092
India Song VHS 3703
Ironweed VHS 1954
Johnny Guitar VHS 5268
Lonely Are the Brave VHS 1630
Ministry of Fear VHS 5226
Paisan VHS 2731
Streetwise VHS 205
Underworld USA VHS 4589

Classics Not On DVD Wiki

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