Films on Demand is Here! 6500 educational programs available for instant viewing online by AU students and faculty

Films-On-Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform that makes it easy for students to instantly view documentaries from Films Media Group (FMG) via the library catalog and for faculty members to incorporate these programs into their Blackboard pages. The database currently contains about 6500 videos and FMG has been adding about 600 new titles per year. Nearly every FMG title available on the website can be accessed instantly.

The FMG catalog is strong in the areas of humanities and social sciences, business and economics, science and mathematics, health and medicine, archival films, and WWII-era United News newsreels.

How to access:

There are two methods.

1. To search or browse the collection, look for Films On Demand on the alphabetical list of databases.

2. All 6500 videos are cataloged in ALADIN. They can be searched by title or, if you are looking for a specific topic, by keyword. For a browse-able list of all titles, search keyword=”films on demand”

Here’s an example of an individual record:

The link in the record will prompt a login from those accessing videos from off-campus. Unfortunately this is a system that’s restricted to American University users only.

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