Happy Birthday Natalie Wood!

Today is a very special someone’s birthday…Natalie Wood!

Natalie Wood was born July 20th, 1938. She was in so many good movies, but we’re going to particularly recommend:

  • Gypsy (HU DVD 5738): I already have “If Mama Was Married” stuck in my head.
  • The Searchers (HU DVD 1808): This movie is incredible. I completely forgot Natalie Wood was in it.
  • Splendor in the Grass (HU DVD 7755): Her comeback role, according to Wikipedia.
  • Love with the Proper Stranger (HU DVD 14925): Steve McQueen! Watched the trailer because I’ve not seen it, and if you stick around: “…and introducing Tom Bosley!” Sufficient. I’ll take a chance and recommend it blind.
  • West Side Story (HU DVD 278): Rita Moreno steals the show, but there would be no movie without Natalie Wood’s innocence.

Happy birthday Natalie!

P.S. If you’re into watching Christmas movies in July, it’s HU DVD 2336.

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