Random Movie Monday — The American Fiddle Method

What better way to start off the work week than a deep dive into American Fiddle Music? That’s where this week’s random movie (DVD 509) led me, and I am so, so pleased. Here’s our summary:

Fiddle teacher Brian Wicklund guides the student through the basic skills of learning the fiddle, including bow and fiddle position, bowing and fingering technique, secrets for playing in tune, double-string playing, etc.

Ah, takes me back to when I would spend hours playing the Oregon Trail video game. Nothing says nostalgia (or dying of dysentery) like a quality American Fiddle tune.

If you have a fiddle at your disposal, go ahead and check this DVD out! The fiddler, Brian Wicklund, has since moved to an online platform, but you can get the beginning lessons on this DVD without having to go through a paywall.

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