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Revolution of Our Times / BLU 17255

Revolution of Our Times uses interviews and footage from the frontline political scene to follow seven teams of protestors as they fight for their freedom and democracy in Hong Kong during 2019-2021. Named after the political slogan “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our times,” this film is a story that speaks to the resilience of community as they collectively fight for their human rights. Everyone who contributed to the film, aside from the director Kiwi Chow, remains anonymous for the sake of their safety. Revolution of Our Times is currently banned in China and Hong Kong, which only further illustrates the necessity of sharing the stories that took place during the protest movement. Striking, memorable, and inspiring, Chow’s work will move viewers to tears as they have the privilege of watching the passion and strength of the Hong Kong people. 

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Start the new semester by checking out our new media purchases!

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