Cool online film rag: Senses of Cinema

This Australian “journal” is loaded with articles, top ten lists (many annotated), and links to other online film journals and high-brow film sites. It’s fun to browse because in addition to covering the “usual suspects” of world cinema it also contains some nice surprises including serious coverage of so-called exploitation and experimental filmmakers . For instance their essays on “great directors” include such fringe notables as Peggy Ahwesh, Kenneth Anger, Craig Baldwin, Harmony Korine, Jackie Raynal, and Doris Wishman.

Their most recent issue includes articles on the Spanish avant garde movement of the 1960s known as “The Barcelona School”, the films of Bill Morrison, and conference papers from the XIIIth Biennial Conference of the Film & History Association of Australia and New Zealand.

They’ve been at it since 2001 so there’s lots to chew on here.


Still from Rolf de Heer’s film Ten Canoes (2006).

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