Check out one or all of our upcoming Digital Media Tutorials

Wednesday, Oct. 21 @ 2pm – Quicktime: Tips and Tricks

Quicktime can be used for many things other than just watching videos. Did you know that you can extract the audio or grab a still image? Come learn about some of the powerful features of Quicktime.

Wednesday, Oct. 28 @ 2pm – Integrating Youtube into a Digital Lifestyle

Youtube is everywhere. Come learn everything about Youtube, from creating an account to tweaking your clips to get the most quality.

Wednesday, Nov. 4 @ 2pm – iMovie Transitions & Sound Effects

Did you know that Mediaservices has over 180 CDs filled with nothing but sound effects to enhance your films? In this tutorial, you will learn about how to make your films more visually appealing through the use of both audio and visual effects.

Wednesday, Nov. 11 @ 2pm – Making the jump from iMovie to Final Cut Pro

At first glance, Final Cut Pro is a daunting application. This tutorial aims to make the transition as easy as possible by drawing parallels between iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

Wednesday, Nov. 18 @ 2pm – Final Cut Pro and PhotoShop

These two applications go hand in hand. Add to the professionalism of your films by adding Photoshop to your workflow.

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