Dennis Hopper, you will be missed.

From Giant to Easy Rider to Blue Velvet, Dennis Hopper was the consummate character who usually stole the show. His intensity was used to evoke fear, humor, and many times, obsession and insanity. He was only occasionally cast as something less than a lunatic.

If you aren’t fully aware of the Hopper oeuvre, add these to your wishlist of essential viewing:

The American Friend – DVD 1686
Apocalypse Now – DVD 27
Basquiat – DVD 5830
Blue Velvet – DVD 400
Carried Away – DVD 2003
Cool Hand Luke – DVD 2178
Easy Rider – DVD 381
Giant DVD 4099
Hoosiers – DVD 3467
Jesus’ Son – DVD 284
Mad Dog Morgan – DVD 3462
Night Tide – VHS 6568
Rebel without a cause – DVD 52
Red Rock West – DVD 4894
River’s Edge – DVD 5113
Rumble Fish – DVD 5349

Late in his career Hopper acted in dozens of movies and TV shows and a few well-received Nike commercials including “Bruce Smith Bad Things“.

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