Todd’s Tips – See Audio Waveforms in the Final Cut Pro Timeline

Often times when editing you want to see the audio waveforms in the audio tracks (as pictured to the right). This can allow an editor to more easily edit to audio and is particularly useful when creating music videos.

Final Cut Pro’s default setup is NOT to show these waveforms on the audio tracks. However, setting it so that it does is a very simple process, though finding the proper place to change the setting can be a bit hairy. But, if you follow these simple steps, you’ll have no problem in making this change:
**Please note that these changes will only take effect in NEW sequences of the timeline. Therefore, after you make the changes, you will need to create a new sequence from the File menu. As such, this procedure is best done BEFORE you begin editing.**
1) Once Final Cut Pro is open, go to and click on the “Final Cut Pro” menu; it’s the one to the right of the apple and to the left of the “File” menu.
2) Select the “User Preferences” menu item.
3) Select the “Timeline Options” tab.
4) On the left-hand side of the panel there is an area designated “Track Display.”
5) In the track display area, find the check-box for “Show Audio Waveforms” and check it.
6) Click the “Ok” button on the bottom right-hand side of the panel.
7) Create a new sequence from the “File” menu and when you add media that has audio you will see the waveforms displayed on the green audio tracks.
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