Get Savvy on Dreamweaver – Jazz up Your Assignment

Dreamweaver is one of the most useful of Adobe’s applications. It can allow you to visualize all sorts of code and layouts before you publish your site. It comes with a number of templates for common website layouts. It will even write code for you.

One thing that Dreamweaver is no so good at is helping users with CSS. Often times we get users in the Digital Media Studio who want to create rollover links, or other neat CSS effects and they pound their heads on the wall because it just won’t work. Often times it’s something simple, one bit of syntax out of place and the whole thing is wrecked.
Well, for all those folks with headaches, I have a solution for you.
Check out this website: Entheos.
Its a massive repository of recipes for cool Dreamweaver and CSS effects for your website assignments. And by recipies I mean step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish things. And, in many of the recipes, they give you take-away code. You can’t loose.
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