Superbowl XLVI Ads Directed by Filmmakers

As it turns out, many of the Superbowl XLVI ads were directed by filmmakers. does a great job of highlighting them along with embedded Youtubes of the ads themselves. Here are a few of them, check out for the rest. You can also go to NFL’s Superbowl XLVI Commercials page to see them all. Please note that the titles and call numbers in bold are available for check out from the Media Services Home Use Collection.

Craig Gillespie
, director of Lars and the Real Girl – HU DVD 4598 and the 2011 Fright Night remake, directed the Acura “Transactions” spot featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno:

David Gordon Green, director of Pineapple Express – HU DVD 7083, Your Highness, The Sitter, Snow Angels, All the Real Girls, Eastbound & Down – HU DVD 7041 (Season 1), HU DVD 7042 (Season 2) and George Washington, Chrysler’s “Its Halftime in America” spot featuring Clint Eastwood:

Joe Pytka, director of Space Jam – HU DVD 7990, Let it Ride and many famous commercials and music videos, directed Pepsi Max’s “Check-Out” spot:

Lance Acord, cinematographer of films such as Buffalo ’66 – HU DVD 5096, Being John Malkovich – HU DVD 91, Lost in Translation – HU DVD 741 and Where the Wild Things Are – HU DVD 7208, directed Volkswagen’s “The Dog Strikes Back” spot featuring Star Wars:

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