Hot Docs: Fruit of Our Labor now available in Media Services

As the international community reflects on the impact of years of war in Afghanistan, Community Supported Film provides an opportunity to also reflect on the situation from an Afghan perspective through 10 Afghan-made documentaries.

Story 1: L is for Light, D is for Darkness, Hasibullah Asmaty
Story 2: Searching for a Path, Reza Sahel
Story 3: Hands of Health, Zarah Sadat
Story 4: The Road Above, Aqeela Rezai
Story 5: Knocking on Time’s Door, Ahmad Wahid Zaman
Story 6: Bearing the Weight, Mona Haidari
Story 7: Water Ways, Majid Zarand
Story 8: Beyond Fatigue, Baqir Tawakoli
Story 9: Treasure Trove, Fakhria Ibrahimi
Story 10: Death to the Camera, Sayed Qasem Hossaini

DVD 9504

Excerpt from “‘L’ is for Light, ‘D’ is for Darkness” by Hasibullah Asmaty from Michael Sheridan on Vimeo.

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