New documentary reveals Bergman’s love for Ghostbusters

Before he died, legendary director Ingmar Bergman had acquired over 80,000 videocassettes, disposing ones he didn’t care for and keeping about 1,700 of them. That’s quite the collection, especially when you consider that the ones he kept are among the roughly 2% of films that Bergman decided were worth keeping.

It might surprise you that those movies included The Blues Brothers, Die Hard, and Ghostbusters.

Two Swedish filmmakers are producing Bergman’s Video, a documentary series that explores the themes in Bergman’s video collection. You would expect that his collections would include French New Wave and other important pieces of film, but… maybe not Romancing the Stone and Jurassic Park.

The point being: if Bergman, the director of The Seventh Seal, can enjoy Ghostbusters, then you have no reason to feel guilty about loving cheesy, crappy movies.

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