Learn Photoshop like a preschooler — with puppets!

The end of the semester is upon us, which means that term projects and presentations are rearing their ugly heads. If the activity in the New Media Center is anything to go by, professors from across campus are now expecting students to use media in their presentations. This is expected for graphic design, film, and communications classes, but for a political science student who’s never touched Photoshop, it can be intimidating.

If you’re new to the world of media software and need someone to explain it to you like you’re a toddler, look no further than “Fafa’s Photoshop Tutorial,” a video tutorial on the basics of Photoshop as presented by puppets. It’s equal parts adorable and informative for first-time users.

Remember that if you need personal, human help with media software, the New Media Center staff are available to help out whenever we’re open.

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