Have $35,000 to spend? The ultimate streaming device awaits

With the rise of the Roku, Xbox, and Chromecast, streaming devices have become one of the most popular ways to consume media. Nearly every major movie eventually ends up on Netflix, Amazon, or iTunes. It has become easier than ever to watch any movie at any time, but you have to wait. New releases still take months to hit these streaming services.

This is no longer the case if you are incredibly, incredibly rich. The new PRIMA Cinema device is the ultimate home theater upgrade for the truly crazy and enthusiastic. The box, which costs a staggering $35,000, allows owners to watch new-release movies in their home for $500 per viewing. For installation, your home theater needs a stable Internet connection and has to pass inspection from a PRIMA dealer. Then, to watch films, you need to input a PIN and swipe your fingerprint.

This is not something you pick up at Best Buy. PRIMA is the Tiffany & Co. of home streaming devices. This is a gadget intended for Jeff Bezos so he can watch Despicable Me 2 at home instead of going to a movie theater. Chances are that you will never own or even see one.

Early reviews indicate that the quality is outstanding, easily outclassing Blu-rays and other media boxes. Plus, its ability to pre-load movies allows you to watch them the minute they come out in theaters. But is the cost worth it? This is clearly not intended for the average consumer. The day may come when college students can watch Elysium in their dorms, but for now, that’s still the territory of the extravagant.

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