This Thanksgiving, avoid these insane television recipes

With Thanksgiving only a week away, we’re quickly approaching perhaps the single most gluttonous  month of the year. We’ll take any opportunity to fill ourselves up with delicious food, but the stretch from now until to the end of the calendar year will be particularly hazardous for our health.

We’re not explicitly going to recommend that you eat anything too unhealthy, but if you do, you might consider taking a page from the amazing TV Gourmet series from Uproxx. The brave and entrepreneurial souls behind TV Gourmet have committed to creating and ingesting some of the most unusual and disgusting foods ever portrayed in media, from Milk Steak (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and the Mayonegg (Arrested Development) to the disgusting slurry Bill drinks on Freaks and Geeks. Some are simply endurance tests, like Homer Simpson’s midnight snack of 64 slices of American cheese.

These are really not quality foods, but you have to admire the tenacity of the writers. I can’t say anyone on this staff would ever try Cheesy Blasters, but we can eat vicariously through Uproxx’s apparently cast-iron stomachs.

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