Deep breaths! 8 videos to fight finals stress

So it has come to this: AU’s final exam period officially begins tomorrow. For those who don’t take summer classes, it’s been a good seven months since you’ve had to think about finals, but there’s no avoiding or delaying it anymore. We’ve seen plenty of signs of the finals crunch in the library, and although we’re getting worked up, we realize that the heaviest toll is probably being taken on student stress levels. So we’ll do what we can to help.

As part of our streaming media collection, we have access to a number of psychology collections that include instructional and educational videos about stress management. We can’t promise that these will be effective for you, but they’re all relatively short (in the 30 minute range) and might be worth a try. We recognize that this is a particularly difficult week, especially for new students, so we’ll be glad if these help even a little bit.

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