At last, Fandor is the Netflix alternative for film buffs

AU’s various holiday breaks are soon upon us, and let’s be honest: you’ll be watching lots of movies on your couch in a food-enduced trance. The usual suspects will be running cable TV and Netflix, but what if you’re looking for something a little artier? Do you have the sort of family that would rather watch Fitzcarraldo than Madagascar? You might want to consider a subscription to Fandor.

Essentially, Fandor is a new Netflix-style service that only includes expert-curated collections of art films and unusual gems. You won’t find Iron Man on Fandor, but their staff make a point of finding deep cuts with critical acclaim. Many of these films might be available on other services, but the curation aspect is probably the most exciting. Flipping through the sci-fi category, for example, you’ll find German spacefaring comedy Interkosmos and ultra-violent dystopian brawler Riki-Oh. These are some really unique selections that you won’t find on, say, Hulu.

We don’t want to this to be an outright advertisement for Fandor, but it’s a terrific idea for cinephiles. Plus, the site includes the handy option to gift membership. Keep this one in your back pocket for your end-of-the-year shopping…

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