Have a doubleplusgood Orwell Day!

Two years ago, the George Orwell estate declared January 21st “Orwell Day” in commemoration of the anniversary of the renowned political author’s death. It’s a relatively new holiday – this is only the third one – but we can’t help but get in the holiday spirit anyway. The significance of Orwell’s work speaks for itself, and the continued relevance of his namesake adjective in current events demonstrates the long shadow cast by his legacy.

Rather than throw you a list of every film we have involving George Orwell, we’ll simply recommend one: George Orwell: A Concise Biography. This half-hour streaming video covers Orwell’s life in career with brisk pace, touching on his education, travels, writing, and involvement in politics. If you’re taking a lunch break, this is a great way to cram in some Orwell appreciation before the day is up.

Do your part to make this fledgling holiday a “thing”! There’s nothing Orwell would have loved more than cultural hegemony, right?

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