See Vulture’s 2-minute primer on the bottle episode, then watch a few

Bottle episodes have long served as a staple of nearly every TV production – whether for creative or budgetary reasons – but many television fans might not be familiar with the concept. To avoid stealing their thunder, we’ll just recommend that you watch Vulture’s terrific, short primer on the history of bottle episodes and why they’re all-around positive for a show to sprinkle in.

Once you’re caught up, you might want to watch one of the better ones. Below is a list of recommended bottle episodes that show how much you can wring out of one set – many of which appear in that video!

Homicide: Life on the Street: “Three Men and Adena” – HU DVD 2798, Disc 2
Star Trek: “The Naked Time” – HU DVD 6201, Disc 2
Community: “Cooperative Calligraphy” – HU DVD 10002, Disc 2
The Sopranos: “Pine Barrens” – HU DVD 14032, Disc 4
Friends: “The One Where No One’s Ready” – HU DVD 14040, Disc 1
Breaking Bad: “Fly” – HU DVD 14050, Disc 3
The West Wing: “17 People” – HU DVD 14087, Disc 5
Seinfeld: “The Chinese Restaurant” – HU DVD 14133, Disc 2 

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