Alternative programming: How about a different holiday?

From The Native Americans

We probably don’t need to recap the reasons why Columbus Day has lost favor in the past few years. Ask your favorite history professor or the ghost of Howard Zinn.

But, if you’re looking for more material about the real history of Columbus’s expeditions and the lives of Native Americans we are happy to supply you with a few relevant videos. Many groups are pushing to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day, so we’d like to tear down the old history narrative at the same time as celebrating the people who should really get the credit for being here first.

Rather than listing individual titles this time, we’ll point you to our Indigenous Peoples of the Americas filmography. The general filmography list has some stirring videos about historical narrative and revisionism, but you’ll most likely want to look at the U.S. / Canada page, which focuses on both the effect of Europe’s expeditions and current Native American life and media portrayals.

That list includes many streaming titles, so you can watch them instantly from your device of choice. It’s certainly a better way to spend an hour than continuing to observe this very strange holiday.

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