Night of the Living Dead is getting longer

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead established many of the zombie tropes we still know and love today, like lumbering speed, the importance of beheading, and parallels to contemporary social issues. Though films before it had undead monsters, Night of the Living Dead might be the first (and arguably still most) culturally significant zombie movie. And shockingly, there’s even more of this foundational movie that we’ve never seen before.

At a screening earlier this month, Romero announced that he had discovered an old reel containing nine additional minutes of zombie chaos. Maybe it had been cut to keep the running time trim, but that’s a substantial chunk of one of most influential horror films. Hopefully we’ll see it resurface on the restoration that Romeo was working on or the inevitable Blu-ray release

In the meantime, you don’t need to wait to watch the current version of Night of the Living Dead. As it turns out, the film was never actually copyrighted; it can be streamed from any number of sites and services. We even embedded it above!

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