Your new podcast recommendation: You Must Remember This

Via our collections coordinator Molly Hubbs, we have a podcast recommendation for wonky film history types.

You Must Remember This is a weekly hour-long program about secret tales from the classic film era. Every season, host Karina Longworth covers one major topic of Hollywood history across a dozen or so episodes. Earlier this year she tackled Charles Manson’s connections to the film business; she’s currently working through the stories of MGM’s producers and stars. Above, we’ve embedded the most recent episode (#64) about Spencer Tracy’s on- and off-screen relationships.

This is strictly film nerd territory, but if you’ve ever been curious about the reality behind the glitzy image of old Hollywood, it’s audio catnip. You’ll come away with a much better understanding of what made the studio era tick.

If you enjoy You Must Remember This, you might also like Moguls & Movie Stars (DVD 8381-8383), a TCM-produced documentary collection about the film business from its birth until the 1970s.

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