Want to be a media librarian? Kino Lorber’s here to help

Allow us to toot the horn of our own profession for a second. If you’re interested in becoming a librarian who works with film, the American Library Association has a scholarship with your name on it.

ALA has partnered with classic and art house film distributor Kino Lorber to offer an annual $1000 award for a prospective library science Masters degree student interested in “work[ing] professionally as a media librarian in an academic institution.” The scholarship includes a paid trip to New York City to learn about film distribution at a festival from the Kino Lorber folks – a great hands-on opportunity that uniquely fits the media librarian sub-profession.

We’re glad to see Kino Lorber giving back to the library world. Richard Lorber himself shares in anecdote in ALA’s press release about how librarians helped him find films to use for his teaching. We certainly hope the AU Library’s collection and librarians have been so helpful, and this scholarship is a little boost to keep those sorts of services going in the future.

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