A Spongebob Musical?

So…I guess they’ve made a SpongeBob SquarePants musical? That’s a thing?

It’s a weird choice. But not too weird. After all, we have Mean Girls, Groundhog Day, and in a shocking insult to a movie I truly adore, Dirty Rotten Scoundels. What else? Legally Blonde, Catch Me If You Can, Amelie, and like literally every Disney movie, although those were kind of musicals to begin with. There’s even a Wikipedia page listing them all. There are so many I’m not even sure what the most unlikely success is…Grey Gardens?

But in any case, perhaps the most amusing thing to come out of this is my realization that the library owns three full seasons of SpongeBob. So if you’re feeling nostalgic and tired of piracy, come check one out!

Season one: HU DVD 14168
Season two: HU DVD 14169
Season three: HU DVD 14170

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