Happy Friday the 13th!

We’re not superstitious, but we’ll take any excuse to watch some creepy movies! We do have Friday the 13th (HU DVD 859) if you’re feeling on the nose about it, but here are five very different alternate suggestions for your viewing pleasure this unlucky evening.

  • Stoker (streaming): More tense than horrifying, Stoker is a stylish, unsettling, and has no vampires in it.
  • Eyes Without a Face (HU DVD 9701): Plastic surgery is always creepy.
  • Audition (HU DVD 397): This movie is too gory for humans. Don’t watch it.
  • The Thing (HU DVD 1410): Weirdly, I mostly remember the dog.
  • Get Out (HU DVD 14595): Yes, yes, everyone but me loved this movie. We have it. You’re welcome.

For a blast from the past, check out our 2010 suggestions for Friday the 13th here! All still good. Especially The Orphanage (HU DVD 639).

Happy viewing!

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