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Samira’s Dream / DVD 17357

Samira is a young Zanzibari woman living in Zanzibar, Tanzania. While balancing her responsibilities as caretaker of her younger siblings, working at a local resort, and doing everyday domestic chores, Samira prioritizes her education. “My dream is to raise my own family and have an education and be independent at the same time,” she says early on in the documentary, and throughout the next hundred minutes, we watch her aspirations begin to materialize (Tropiano).

Nino Tropiano, an Italian filmmaker and the director of “Samira’s Dream”, follows Samira’s journey through higher education over the course of seven years. Throughout this time, Samira pushes through language barriers, radiates positivity, and slowly becomes self-supporting. More than once she tells us during interviews exactly what she plans to do next in order to achieve her goals. Whether it’s passing her next exam or keeping track of her savings, Samira portrays a strong sense of determination and certainty that she is able to accomplish exactly what she wants. Even when unexpected events happen, like her engagement, she remains headstrong. Overtones of empowerment and confidence electrify this film. Not only is her narrative inspiring, but it’s also educational about underrepresented forms of feminism.

It’s important to recognize that Samira’s journey is not the only one of its kind. Dozens of other women of all ages are shown throughout the film and sometimes receive their own interviews. They too wish to complete their higher education, find a job they love, and bask in their own independence.

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