Brown, reclined movie theater seats are set with luxurious plates of scrumptious food and drink

Introducing the Food Films Media Collection!

If you’re interested in finding a new favorite, mouthwatering film, then you’ve come to the right place! One of the many offerings AU Library Media Services has to provide is our extensive group of curated media collections. From recent acquisitions to African American cinema to war films, our collections showcase a wide scope of interesting […]

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Old fashioned TV with rainbow colors

Introducing the LGBTQ+ Media Collection!

One of the many offerings AU Library Media Services has to provide is our extensive group of curated media collections! From recent acquisitions to animation to musicals, our collections showcase a range of interesting movie categories. The most recent one we’ve added to our Home Use Collection Highlights page is LGBTQ+ films. This collection offers […]

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Poster for "Samira's Dream" showing a woman in a yellow hijab looking towards the sea

New Acquisition and Review!

Samira’s Dream / DVD 17357 Samira is a young Zanzibari woman living in Zanzibar, Tanzania. While balancing her responsibilities as caretaker of her younger siblings, working at a local resort, and doing everyday domestic chores, Samira prioritizes her education. “My dream is to raise my own family and have an education and be independent at […]

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The Evolution of Horror Films: A Look a Horror Movies from the 19th to 21st Century

By Emily Walsh When you think of horror movies, what comes to mind? Horror films try to evoke the viewer’s worst nightmares as a form of entertainment. The ghosts, demons, murderers, and supernatural beings combined with some gore, torture, and jump-scares manipulate the audience into experiencing psychological thrills and fun. For a film to be […]

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Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day

by Emily Walsh What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day? Do you remember the words: “In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue”? Mythology about Columbus and the “discovery” of the Americas continues to be many American children’s first lesson about encountering different Indigenous cultures. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors Native […]

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Why We Buy DVDs

Yes, I know it’s 2020, but when I’m looking to buy a movie, I opt to buy the DVD, even if it’s slightly more expensive than a digital copy. This is primarily because I’m paranoid — my computer may crash, the file type may be phased out, a company’s server may crash, the company may […]

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New Acquisitions!

We have a bunch of new home use DVDs this week! They’re all tv shows, and they’re all tv shows with women in the starring roles. You can now check out: The Handmaid’s Tale: Season Two (DVD 16241) Janet King (Series 1): The Enemy Within (DVD 16243 The Patty Duke Show: The Complete First Season […]

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The Bechdel What?

What’s the theme of this week’s whiteboard? Why, the Bechdel Test, of course! The Bechdel Test originated in a 1985 strip of Dykes to Watch Out For, a comic by renowned cartoonist (and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient) Alison Bechdel.  In order for a movie to pass her test, it must: Feature two or more named […]

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