Stephen King resting his head on his hand

You, Too, Can Enjoy Stephen King’s Favorite Horror Movies (if you dare…)

The “King” of horror himself, Stephen King has his own list of favorite horror movies. Author of timeless bestsellers like It and The Shining, King has shared what some of his go-to favorite scary films are. Interestingly enough, a number of the films on the list, like The Hitcher and The Strangers, fall under the Horror/Crime genre which King often writes in as well. If you’re still feeling the Halloween spirit or just love a good scary movie, this list is sure to keep you up at night. Watch for yourself the movies that scare (or perhaps thrill) one of the best known horror writers of the modern day.

Each of the following films can be found on DVD at the AU Library. Enjoy from the comfort of your home or in one of our many screening rooms!

The Changeling – DVD 17360

Final Destination (4 movie pack) – DVD 17363

Event Horizon – DVD 17362

The Hitcher (1986) – DVD 17364

The Hitcher (2007) – DVD 17365

The Ruins – DVD 17368

The Strangers (2008) – DVD 17369

Stir of Echoes (1999) – DVD 17371

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