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Maureen Carroll in the Philippines

Country of Service: Philippines
Service Type: Education
Dates in Service: 1961-1963
Keywords: Castilla, Sorsogon

Accession Date: October 28, 2016
Access: No restrictions
Collection Size: 0.5 linear feet

Document Types

  • Photographs
  • Correspondence
  • Publications
  • Reports
  • Memoir
    • “Answering Kennedy’s Call: Pioneering the Peace Corps in the Philippines”

Finding Aid

  1. Ugaling Pilipino 
    1. “An Introduction to Filipino Thought and Action” 
  2. Should you eat rice? Compilation of Reports & Letters of PCVs in the Philippines  
    1. A compilation of Materials Written by and excerpted from Reports and Letters of Peace Corps Volunteers in the Philippines 
  3. Peace Corps Paperwork 
  4. Photographs 
  5. Publications & Newspaper Clippings 
    1. About the beginning years of the Peace Corps 
  6. Correspondence 

Robert Starr in Jamaica

Robert Starr

Country of Service: Jamaica
Service Type: Vocational Education
Dates in Service: 1964-1966
Keywords: Community Development, Vocational Training, Experiment in International Living, Camp Kennedy, Cobbla

Accession Date: January 7, 2015
Access: No restrictions
Collection Size: 1 linear inch

Document Types

  • Telegram from Sargent Shriver
  • Digital photographs
  • Publications
  • Training Materials

Finding Aid

  1. Peace Corps Materials 
    1. Acceptance telegram 
    2. Group booklets 
    3. CDs 

Sargent Shriver: First Director of the Peace Corps

Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr. was born on November 9, 1915 and served as the first Director of the Peace Corps during the 1960s. In 1961, Shriver participated in an eight nation tour with the goal of creating more Peace Corps programs throughout Africa and Asia. His leadership expanded the influence of the Peace Corps and set the foundation for the legacy of service the organization provides to the world.

At the Peace Corps’s 25th Anniversary commemoration, Shriver told the audience, “Care for those who are sick. Serve your families. Serve your neighbors. Serve your cities. Serve the poor. Join others who serve. Serve, serve, serve! That’s the challenge. For in the end, it will be servants who save us all.”[1]

More than 50 years after the creation of the Peace Corps, we remember Sargent Shriver and the lasting vision and mission he created for the Peace Corps.

[1] “Service”, Sargent Shriver Peace Institute, http://www.sargentshriver.org/sarges-legacy/politics-of-service (retrieved November 6, 2014).

Photograph, Sargent Shriver, Ma Khin Khin Hla, and U Soe Tin in Burma

Photograph, Sargent Shriver, Ma Khin Khin Hla, and U Soe Tin in Burma, United States Information Service. R. Sargent Shriver Personal Papers. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.