Wilcox in Dominican Republic Podcast Part 1 – No Progress

Most of the Peace Corps Community Archives are textual documents and other visual media.  However, not all volunteers wrote their letters home; many sent audio tapes back and forth, and for some it was their main form of communication.  This audio production is based on the Geer Wilcox collection.  Wilcox served in the Dominican Republic from 1963 to 1965.  This production spans the first half of the collection, and you can look forward to the second half in April.

In the tapes, Wilcox discusses his efforts and frustrations in realizing his Peace Corps and personal goals while working with the National School for the Blind.  But, we want to know all about your experiences, as well!  If you’ve ever felt stuck in the Peace Corps, or at work, or in another kind of big project, tell us all about your experience in the comments!

“Play” button is located to the far left of the audio bar.

Music in this audio production was written by Kevin MacLeod.  The tracks used are “Notanico Merengue” and “Laid Back Guitars.”