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Jack Child Collection Stamp Albums

The second and final installment of the Jack Child Stamp Collection, the albums, went online earlier this month. The subjects of the stamp albums are diverse and include current and historic figures and events, buildings and landscapes, military, native flora and fauna, space, sports, and transportation. The oldest stamps date from the mid-nineteenth century. As with the rest of the Child Collection, the bulk of the stamps relate to Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Falkland Islands with particular strengths in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba and Ecuador.



Water Ballet Group

Aquiana, American University’s synchronized swimming and water ballet group was officially organized in 1950 and its final show was in 1959.  It was under the direction of AU’s swimming coach, Robert Frailey.  The coed group did an annual spring show with titles such as Waruna of Bali (1950-52), Fiesta del Aqua (1953-1954), Aquatic Fantasy and Wild West Show. Starting in 1952, Ed Walker from the campus radio station created a recorded soundtrack which was played using underwater speakers. The group was filmed on three occasions and was featured on the Dave Garroway Show twice.