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Golden Turkey Awards


For twenty years in the issue just before Thanksgiving, The Eagle editorial staff announced the “Golden Turkey Awards,” a satirical look at campus events.  Running from 1993 through 2003, The Eagle staff made fun of themselves as well as others ranging from the University President and local political figures to staff and students. Some of the awards had specific titles which changed over the years. Many of the titles are period pieces themselves such as the Baltimore Colts and Tipper Gore Awards and may not mean much to current students. The awards typically poked fun at blunders and bad decisions. In 1991, the editors stated that the awards were “given every year to those odd or ridiculous people or events that highlighted AU during the year.” The editors let their creative juices flow as they came up with events and people to parody.

You can see all the awards if you enter “golden turkey” on the search page of our digital edition.