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April Fools Issues in The Eagle

Between 1964 and 2013, The Eagle featured an April Fools’ issue in each year with the following exceptions: 1970, 1982-1984, 1987, 1989-1992, and 2010. The names of the issues varied from year to year but The Ego, The Beagle, and The Bagel were each used at least twice. Because of the production schedule of The Eagle, the April Fools’ issues were not always released on April 1, with publication dates ranging from March 27 to April 20. Editors played with issue dates as well. For example in 1974, the issue was dated April 1, 1984 while in 1986 the issue was dated March 32, 1986.

The Aprils Fools issues poked fun at campus, local, and national affairs. Some issues had both April Fools and regular content. Here are a few sample headlines: “Dread plague sweeps campus;” “Gone!! Artemas Ward stolen; campus in turmoil;” and “Dewey Defeats Truman.”


1974 April Fools Issue

1974 April Fools Issue


AU students have produced a number of humor publications over the years. The original humor magazine was called The Beak. The Archives has a copy of its first and possibly only issue. Its successor, The Bald Eagle, began in 1959 and ran until 1965. The Archives has the complete run.

Beak_editBald Eagle Cover First Issue

Primary Source Instruction at AU Archives

American University Archives and Special Collections welcomes class visits. We can provide an orientation to our holdings, design individual or group activities using primary sources, or help with research projects. The University Archivist will work with individual faculty members to develop assignments tailored for their classes.

This image is from a recent visit by Professor Dan Whitman’s AU Scholars Research Lab to AU Archives. The students got an introduction to our holdings as well as a peak at a couple of our treasures, including a letter from George Washington dated 16 March 1795 concerning the need for a national University and a book featuring the first printed mathematical multiplication table from 1488.

Students reading George Washington letter

Students reading George Washington letter

If you are new to using primary sources, you should check out our new Primary Source Research Tutorial which walks you through two different approaches to locating primary sources as well as provides links to databases and web sites.

Give us a call at (202) 885-3256 or email us at for more information on instructional sessions.

Celebrating Women’s History at American University

For over fifty years, the AU Women’s Club hosted events ranging from welcome teas for foreign students to fundraisers. Founded in 1930 as the Faculty Woman’s Club, it offered an annual award to a woman student who made an outstanding contribution to life of university. The student’s name was engraved on friendship tray.

Faculty Women's Club Friendship Tray

Faculty Women’s Club Friendship Tray

The AU Women’s Club membership included faculty and staff and wives of faculty and staff. Starting in 1972, they began awarding a scholarship for a woman student. By the 1980s, they were offering two awards for juniors to use in their senior year.

To learn more about women on campus, visit our exhibit, All About Women: 90 Years of AU History 1893-1983, on display on the first floor of the library.