Obit: Glenn Ford, 90, star of Blackboard Jungle, Gilda, and The Big Heat

The films of Glenn Ford available in Media Services:

The Big Heat DVD 758
Blackboard Jungle DVD 1232
Gilda DVD 1604

Ford always struck me as a likable journeyman. With a few exceptions, including his role in Gilda, he usually found himself playing easy-going sympathetic characters. Of the 85 or so films he made, only the above-mentioned titles, along with the yet-to-be -released-on video Human Desire, are among the few that made the cut as classic films. Ford made more than his share of westerns. Some good and many forgettable but a personal favorite worth seeking out is The Sheepman (1958 and currently out-of-release). It’s a fresh light-hearted take on the tired range war theme that had become so common in the Western genre.


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