Notable new addition to AU Faculty: Activist journalist and filmmaker Saul Landau

Landau is teaching international relations and politics in the School of International Service (SIS). To date, he has made forty films and authored ten books on a wide range of domestic and international political issues covering areas such as Cuba, Chile, Chiapas, and Iraq. He was also a longtime host of “Hot Talk”, an interview show on Pacifica Radio that featured a who’s who of progressive journalists and leaders in the US. We have several of his videos and books in the library and several more on order.

Brazil: report on torture – DVD 2206
CIA Case Officer: John “Bob” Stockwell – DVD 2200
Conversations with Allende – DVD 2205
Cuba and Fidel – DVD 2203
Fidel – DVD 2204

Iraq: Voices from the Street – VHS 7316
Land of my Birth (on Michael Manley’s Jamaica) – DVD 2201
Maquilia: a tale of two Mexicos – DVD 2199
Que Hacer – DVD 2207
Sixth Sun: Mayan Uprising in Chiapas – VHS 5538
Steppin’ (also on Michael Manley’s Jamaica) – DVD 2202
Target Nicaragua: Inside a Covert War – DVD 2208
Uncompromising Revolution (on Cuba) –
VHS 872

link to his webpage

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