Obit: Bruce Conner, 74, Artist and Experimental Filmmaker

Bruce Conner, an artist internationally admired for his haunting, surrealistic sculptures and groundbreaking avant-garde films, died on Monday at his home in San Francisco. He was 74.

AU Library Media Services has:

Bruce Conner films, VHS 3249, pt.1-pt.2

pt.1. Ten second film (10 sec.). Permian strata (4 min.). Mongoloid (4 min.). America is waiting (4 min.). A movie (12 min.)

pt. 2. Breakaway (ca. 5 min.). Vivian (ca. 3 min.). The white rose (ca. 7 min.). Marilyn times five (ca. 13 min.).

New York Times: Bruce Conner, San Francisco Artist With 1950s Beat Roots, Dies at 74

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