For those of you about to graduate, a different perspective: Kicking & screaming HOME USE COLLECTION DVD 4842

Yes—graduation is a scary time. Many students just continue taking classes to avoid it, while other students hop right into graduate school. And still others remain soaked in ennui—letting life pass by because life sucks anyway.

Kicking and Screaming is the directorial debut of film critics’ current indie darling, Noah Baumbach. This film really strikes at the heart of Gen-X anxiety, which perhaps is why I like it so much, but really it’s about reluctance to grow up. It comes with my highest recommendation to graduating seniors, as long as you can stomach the somewhat bleak message.

Also, Chris Eigeman, a remarkably talented and often over-looked actor, is a riot, delivering witty and sarcastic lines as only he can. And the often over-perky and loud-mouthed Parker Posey won me over in her role as an annoyed and sarcastic co-ed.

Check out the trailer:

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