Todd’s Tips – Overlay Video Or Photos Over Video in iMovie ’09

Often times students come to us in the Digital Media Studio with an assignment to create a video about a particular subject. More often than not this “video” assignment doesn’t actually involve shooting a video and then editing it together to tell a story. Typically students are told to create a montage of images and videos from the web to explore their topic. And, from time to time, these students ask us if it’s possible to overlay images on other images or video; they want to create more “poignant juxtapositions” [someone really said that to me once] of ideas.

While this notion is unheard of for iMoveHD, it is possible in iMovie ’09. And we have that program.
Check out this video on how to do it. Also, turn up the volume a bit, the kid is talking kinda softly.
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