Stanley Kubrick Minimal Pictographic Movie Posters

HU DVD 3274

HU DVD 3273

HU DVD 2168
Check out these cool minimal pictographic movie posters for Stanley Kubrick films spotted on the Laughing Squid blog. These and several more were created by Swedish graphic designer Viktor Hertz. Check out some more here.

Check out some of these films directed by Stanley Kubrick, which are available for Home Use right here in Media Services.

Eyes Wide Shut – HU DVD 132

Barry Lyndon – HU DVD 1816

The Shining – HU DVD 2168

Paths of Glory – HU DVD 3271

Spartacus – HU DVD 3272

Lolita – HU DVD 3273

A Clockwork Orange – HU DVD 3274

Killer’s Kiss – HU DVD 3275

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