Selected New Home Use Titles in Media Services

Here’s a list of some of the newest additions to our collection. In some cases, we simply got a second copy of a title we already had or added a season to a TV series. However, we did just acquire the entire Friends series all at once; all 40 discs of it!

Mississippi Masala – HU DVD 1413
The Joy luck club –HU DVD 1688
The Painted Veil –HU DVD 2729
300 ­– HU DVD 2788
Thank you for smoking – HU DVD 3250
Music makes a city – HU DVD 6081
What’s the matter with Kansas – HU DVD 6082
To the ends of the Earth – HU DVD 6083
Matrix –HU DVD 7841
High anxiety –HU DVD 8443
Employee of the month – HU DVD 8444
Wedding crashers –HU DVD 8446
King Arthur – H U DVD 8446
Step up 2, The Streets – HU DVD 8448
Lion’s den – HU DVD 8447
Tetro –HU DVD 8449

New additions in television:

SpongeBob SquarePants (Seasons 1-3) – HU DVD 8451-8459
House M.D.( Seasons 1-5) – HU DVD 5461-5483
Mad men (season 1-4) – HU DVD 4541-4556
Friends (Complete Series) – HU DVD 8501 – 8540

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