– + new features, – confusing interface

For a number of years,‘s online tutorials have been AU’s primary resource for software training. These excellent online training tutorials offer thousands of hours of instruction for AU faculty, students and staff. AU has a multi-year license to provide these, free of charge, to the AU community, whether they are on campus or off.

Recently changed their interface as they introduced their Lynda Campus product. The good new is that for the first time this lets users track which videos they have watched, bookmark videos to review later, and save certificates of completion when they finish tutorials.

Unfortunately, to do this makes it mandatory for users to create a personal login before they can go to the tutorials. Poor design makes it look like a user is signing up for an individual account with Don’t worry, once you create a login, you will still have access through your AU affiliation and there will be no charge.

For information about accessing, you can search ALADIN for Title =

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