For those of you who missed my Podcasting Plus: Garageband workshop today, here are some tidbits:

What is a podcast?
A podcast is a digital media file (audio or video) that can be played on the computer or other media readers (phones, ipods, etc). It is usually thematic and comes out as a series.

How do you make one?
You need to learn to use an audio or video editing software. You can record your own voice, or compile interviews. With Garageband, you can import a movie file and edit the audio. (When you open a new project, select Podcast-movie. This will give you a movie track).

Where do I post it?
If you have podcasts linked to your blog or website, set it up as an automatic feed so users can subscribe to it.


iTunes store-podcasts
You can subscribe to receive new epidodes automatically.

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