Footage from SD card to Hard Drive – IMPORTANT!

Downloading files from a SD card into final cut or onto your computer?

There’s a few REALLY IMPORTANT steps to remember!

First, your card acts like a hard drive, so its important to first create a back up. The first step is to make a disc image of your ENTIRE card.

Open up disk utility on your mac.

Locate the Drive on the left hand side, and highlight it by selecting it ONCE.

While highlighted, click on the icon, NEW IMAGE.

Give the new image a name (we HIGHLY suggest the name of your footage or card?)

Select where you would like it saved to. (AGAIN – HIGHLY SUGGEST YOUR EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE!)

This will create a new DMG file that can be used as an external hard drive, later.

Later on….

Once you begin to edit, simply click on this DMG file, and the “hard drive” or card will mount on your computer.

This will help your editing program to recognize the media.

Begin transcoding!

Come into the New Media Center for help with digitizing your footage:)

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